Is love measured in time? Because, some loves are transmitted through stories and songs, for whole centuries.
Touch, movement, look - these are universal human 'forms' that extend to the soul of another person. Seemingly simple phenomena, but the sensuality of their manifestation is a feature of greater inspiration.

You are my enslavement and my freedom.
You are my flesh burning like a raw summer night
You are my country
You are the green silks in hazel eyes
You are big, beautiful and triumphant
And you are my sorrow that isn't felt
the more I feel it.
- Nazim Hikmet

A body in motion emits a unique melody through the image. Photos really 'can be heard'.
The eyes look 'through the centuries', the wave of time, not through the lens... the soft scarf flows gently over the skin and follows the shape of the body. And colors... colors give us an insight into emotions, they speak of belonging to a culture, but also of the state of the woman's soul who represents it, through warmth and longing.