Body as
a Temple

Body - 'the instrument' with which we create, the inspiration of poets, painters, a symbol of new creation, renewal, transformation. Body - a set of physical and chemical elements and reactions. The body as the conductor of spiritual rites and prayers. Body - a combination of visible and invisible, a combination of thoughts, spirit, mind, soul in physical reality.

A strong woman is one
who feels deeply and loves fiercely.
Her tears flow as
abundantly as her laughter.
A strong woman is both
soft and powerful,
she is both
practical and spiritual.
A strong woman in her essence
is a gift to the world.
- Native American Saying

A woman's body is wisdom. The chief here represents a woman who is in touch with her being completely. She accepts the gift of Nature, the unique expression of her body that exists on Earth, and surrenders to the sensation that rises through the process of 'alignment'.

Dance, embrace, fluidity with which the body changes positions, contribute for a woman to feel the energy of the earth, to feel mother nature, fertility, creation, tenderness, and at the same time courage, strength and stability.