Nina Begovic

Nina (Founder)

I am made of water. My body is my temple.
Nina is someone who is still in the process of growing and photography helps her in that.
She loves to explore, create, fantasize and is an incurable dreamer.
She finds inspiration in poetry and human diversity.
Nina moves uncontrollably between two polarities.


Suzana (Project Collaborator)

Suzana always had her own perception of time and space. 
She thinks that every person has a special sparkle in themselves, and she loves to emphasize that, by approaching to each individual with care and understanding.
Suzana is curious, likes to invent, to search, to ask, she believes that human consciousness is a very powerful tool, and can be used to show a unique beauty of God's creation, of Nature, of Cosmos.

How did it all start?

A year ago, two sisters found each other after a long time, not expecting to start a project together, but with the desire to renew their relationship, intuitively feeling that something good is coming.
Not knowing, that they will actually share the most intimate parts of their souls, accompanied by smiles, tears, hugs. That they will be life’s mirror to each other, thereby providing a unique incentive for change, emotional evolving, and the discovery of hidden talents they both have.

They love poetry, psychology, philosophy, different forms of art.
Suzana and Nina believe that every creative process requires devotion, faith, love, and that it serves to create and present a unique ‘element’, product, work that inspires others.
They look at this project as ‘a being’ that is the result of life experiences, knowledge and skills, which has its own energy, formed by the fusion of common goals, emotions, thoughts, physical actions, imagination, as well as the moment that exists in the ‘eternal now’ – the devotion to project through silent mind full of potential and ideas.


Acceptance. Understanding. Tenderness. Strength. Self-reflection.
Affirming the body just as it is, gratitude for unique expression and beauty.
‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – with a deeper understanding of their emotions and needs, each person can see their own beauty.

Taureta is a project that promotes and celebrates the body, it aims at questioning desires, using imagination, spontaneity, which is why we also insist on the naturalness of photography – very little use of editing software, placement or creation in a natural environment, surrendering to emotions that happen during creation – joy, thrill, excitement, but also anger, disappointment, shame, confusion.
Photos are deliberately and consciously created at the moment when the person behind and in front of the camera feel ‘imperfect’ – and when they are going through personal dilemmas, when they feel anxious, unmotivated, doubtful.
What they both understand is that the end of work brings a unique experience and great liberation.

We are focused on photographing people in different situations, that are coming from different ‘places’ and positions in their life. We acknowledge their color, heritage, sexuality, profession or interests and their unique path.


Taureta combines photography, audio, video, design, but focuses primarily on photography to present work to audience. As mentioned, we like to use more ‘raw’ photos and to give natural vibes.
Taureta is studio, but also a life project, because we plan to ‘expand our story’ of caring, nurturing unique people’s appearance, as well as appreciating special characteristics – through podcast, writing and other visuals.

Do you think every project naturally emerges from

life itself?

If yes, we are eager to hear from you and make something special together.